How to automatically redirect Adwords mobile traffic

Rather than spend thousands of pounds on a new mobile website with responsive design or user-agent detection, you can enable a built in feature in Adwords to do the hard work for you.

Step1: Firstly you will need to check to see if you have a built-in mobile version of your website: Try adding these values to the end of you domain. For example:

  • ?ak_action=accept_mobile (wordpress)
  • ?m=1 (blogger)
  • ?mobile=1 (drupal)
  • ?wpmp_switcher=mobile (wordpress)

If the above did not work try:

  • (other CMS).

Step2: Now that you know your mobile URL trigger you can use the {ifmobile} and {ifnotmobile} Adwords commands you can create dynamic URL, for example:

  • or {ifmobile:m.}{ifnotmobile:}

Step3: Using the Adwords Editor URL find and replace you can append the mobile trigger to Advert and keyword destination URLs:

  • ?ak_action={ifmobile:accept_mobile}{ifnotmobile:ak_action=reject_mobile}
  • OR ?pageid=123&ak_action={ifmobile:accept_mobile}{ifnotmobile:ak_action=reject_mobile}

Voila… express mobile campaign created!


Precision Tip: Try adding the mobile make and model to adwords langin pages, then enabling using GoogleTagManager URL macros to set to trigger a call to action per phone or device type: {ifmobile:&device={device}&devicemodel={devicemodel}}